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Price Details-

New update

9 SEATER MAXI CAB ARRIVAL (Airport Pick Up) – $70/-

Compliment: For one(1)- way transfers we offer complimentary waiting time of 15 minutes from the time of booking, post this 15 minutes waiting time, there will be a $10 surcharge applicable for every 15 minutes block.

Arrival Transfers are packed with waiting time of 60 minutes from the time of flight lands, post which there will be a $10 surcharge for every 15 minutes block.

Hourly Charter Bookings at least requires minimum of 3 hours to be booked.

$10 midnight surcharge will be applicable from 0000Hrs – 0600Hrs.

Additional Stops would be chargeable at $10-$15 respectively depending on the distances.

Every payment made by credit card is applicable to have 10% surcharge.

An additional surcharge of $10-$20 will be applicable for Transfers to & from “Tuas Areas”


Visiting Singapore in a group of 9 people does not have to pose a problem. You don’t have to worry about booking multiple taxis to help you reach your hotel. Just get in touch with Astro Maxicab Singapore to book a 9 seater maxi cab and you will be able to leave the airport in style and comfort.

Specifications of Our 9 Seater Maxi Cab

Our 9 seater maxi cab is designed to accommodate nine individuals and nine pieces of large-sized luggage. The cab has massive cargo space in the rear, so you can rest assured that your luggage can be house while you travel to your destination in relative comfort and luxury.

Our chauffeurs are licensed and highly experienced. They do not speed nor do you have to worry about them breaking traffic rules. However, we still conform to the safety standards in Singapore, and you will find that all the seats in a 9 seater maxi cab are fitted with seat belts. Our chauffeurs insist that all passengers wear their seat belts before the vehicle begins moving.

Using the 9 Seater Maxi Cab

The spacious 9 seater maxi cab is extremely popular for transporting bulk luggage items. Hence, you can rest assured that you can easily carry oversized boxes and long items with a length of 2.4m or 8 feet. We have catered to clients carrying bicycles, surfboards and even queen size mattresses!

You can use the 9 seater maxi cab for airport transfer or group sightseeing. The cab can also be used to transport guests to special events, conferences and meetings. We cover whole of Singapore, so it does not matter where you are based on the island.

At Astro Maxicab Singapore, we also transport clients with mobility issues. Hence, our 9 seater maxi cabs in Singapore are equipped with a wheelchair ramp to make it easy for wheelchair-bound client to get on and off the maxi cab with ease.

Book Your 9 Seater Maxi Cab Today!

You can use our convenient and quick online form to book a 9 seater maxi cab today. Alternatively, you can call us at the number displayed on the webpage to let us know your requirement and other details.

We have a fixed pricing structure that is transparent. We do not charge surcharge for peak timings. What you see is what you pay, and you will find that we are highly affordable. You can book the 9 seater maxi cab for transfers or the whole day, depending on your requirement.

Once you confirm the booking, the maxi cab will be at your doorstep in any corner of Singapore within 20 minutes. Or, we will be waiting for you at the airport once your flight lands. Our driver will be holding a placard with your name to take you to your 9 seater maxi cab and ensure your luggage is loaded before transporting you to your destination.

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